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“My tastes in art are not dissimilar from my taste in music (Wire, Big Black, Joy Division) or movies (Kubrick, Bunuel, Scorsese) all of which tend towards angst, black humor, irony, obliqueness, existentialism, and anti-heroics (and in the case of the movies, intense, well-constructed visuals.) That said, the shows I’ve done at the MCA are only a partial reflection of my taste (and my taste as mediated by the larger vision of the institution.)

I think many of the shows that I’ve done here at the MCA reflect my interest in work that has a certain tension between emotionally intense content or subject matter and coolly detached formal execution (Sharon Lockhart, Gillian Wearing, and to some degree Wolfgang Tillmans.) Other artists I really admire/would love to work with include Mike Kelley, Aida Ruilova, Richard Kern, Jim Lambie, Eva Rothschild, Richard Hawkins, Paulina Olowska, Douglas Gordon, Richard Rezac, Slater Bradley, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Paul McCarthy, Richard Prince, Daria Martin, Anselm Reyle, and Ashley Bickerton, among many many others.

I think my taste is a little more inclined towards weirder and more willfully dark and perverse things than it was a while ago (when I was much more conceptually-minded.) I’m not a huge fan of overly earnest, overproduced, and melodramatic video or photography, and am not so keen on do-gooder art (socially progressive endeavors masquerading as art).”

– Dominic Molon (Chicago Artist Resource interview)


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