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“The Web democratized the ability to spot things,” explains Josh Spear, who launched his influential design-and-culture blog,, after realizing “that curated consumption was a kind of a business, because of the sheer quantity of decisions people have to make around buying things.” He later parlayed his curatorial acumen into the launch of Undercurrent, a New York digital-strategy firm with clients like GE and Pepsi.

You could argue that we need this emerging class of finders and choosers now more than ever, because we’re living in a world where everyone has become a creator. Consider the 24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube each minute or the endless supply of niche products available to consumers. “Nobody revels in being overwhelmed,” says Steven Rosenbaum, author of the new book Curation Nation: How to Win in a World Where Consumers Are Creators. “And so we start looking for people who say, ‘This thing you’re interested in? I will curate it for you.’ We’re like, ‘Okay, you’re my new best friend.'” Excel at selecting exactly who and what to pay attention to, and soon everyone will be paying attention to you.



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