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What, in your opinion, should be the primary purpose of a student pursuing a degree in your program at SVA?

The job of the artist, first, is to understand the purpose of their work. What is the purpose of their art? In whose interest does the art exist? Why are they doing what they’re doing? If they can first answer that question, that answer will lead them to a series of other questions, one of which is “What tools? What media? What structures do I need to engage with in order to create the work that’s consistent with the purpose of my work?”

So the decision to work in an inter-media fashion, for instance, is a decision that makes sense for some artists and not for others. There’s no hierarchy. It doesn’t make it better or worse or newer or older or less relevant or more relevant. It’s one decision that comes in a series of decisions, but the decisions all start at a certain point as an artist, starting with, “Why am I doing what I’m doing? What is the purpose of this engagement?”

-Artinfo (David Ross interview)


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