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“…Art’s correlation to the demands of and for individualism is central to their respective theses on generating value, and is one of the more pertinent points one could draw from the two put in parallel. For von Hantelmann, the social construction of the artwork performatively invokes the individual as both the work’s implied maker and its implied viewer. The individual is likewise central to the museum’s project, which facilitates the social construction of the artwork, and is simultaneously cultivated by the commodity market. In contrast, Diederichsen discusses the valorisation of the individual artist as central to the commercial potential of art, which is in turn cultivated by a wider public interest. These perspectives are not necessarily in opposition to each other, if you believe that the relations involved can be reciprocal. Indeed, both readings crucially acknowledge the role of individualism in this triangulation of value, in which it acts as the lubricant of its mechanisms of circulation.”

-Nav Haq (The Traingulation of Value)


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