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Monthly Archives: September 2010

“In a way, all of my work has been about the construction of meaning,” he says. “Art for me is a transformation of everyday life, looking for magical moments.”
Kaino article


“My way of doing things is to follow my interests wherever they lead me. I don’t have a pre-formed theory about what my work is or should be. I work by making up hypotheses, “What would happen if…” and then working through the contradictions as they come up. It’s an inductive process and it has led me up some blind alleys, but that’s what makes being an artist interesting. That’s where the adventure is, in the not-knowing…a work of art lives by being continuously misinterpreted. When it runs out of ways of being misinterpreted, when everything has been squeezed out of it, then it ceases to be useful and becomes history.”

Mel Blochner interview

“…I think that’s the only purpose of any form of art: that it adds something to people’s lives. People can also hate it. You don’t need to have consensus with the show. But you do need to produce a difference in the experience of the single individual. At the end of the day, the greatness of any work of art—and that’s why people keep producing art, contemporary or not—is the unique relationship between two people, who are the artist and the viewer…”
Francesco Bonami (Interview)