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… Marina doubly emphasized that the flesh, however transitory and imperfect, retains the nobility of being all we have and all we are. As such, she put the lie to the cheap death fixation of a Damien Hirst and the tawdry sex fixation of Tracey Emin, by asserting a dichotomy of sensuality/anti-sensuality.

Finally, the most enduring thread in Marina’s show is psychoanalytic, the counterintuitive notion that the path to mental health lies in pain and the discipline to endure it. In the kaleidoscope of oil spills, bomb scares, crushing debt and hooking up, the one fixed point, Marina reminds us, is you (and me). Where you and me are where art as performance rises in perspirating heat and drying tears. This was a show whose resonance will murmur down the ages.

Charlie Finch Article


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