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The definition of art that I attempt to give in this essay culminates in the assertion that art asserts a consistency owed to its opening to inconsistency. We will see that the concept of art, like that of the human subject, must open up to non-art and the non-subjective in order to situate art and the subject, together with all their claims to autonomy, on the line of fracture between reality and ideality, the possible and the impossible, the particular and the universal.

The nine theses are:
1. Art is that which generates a concept of art.
2. The artwork implies a surpassing and transgressing of its factual conditions.
3. An artwork is something other than (merely) a document of its times.
4. Art articulates a difference from the texture of facts.
5. The artwork is the affirmation of this difference.
6. This affirmation takes place as an assertion of form.
7. Every assertion of form is indebted to making contact with formlessness.
8. Making contact with formlessness corresponds to making a contact with truth.
9. Art’s making contact with truth opens it up to universality.

Nine Theses on Art


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